Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Astronomical Dating of the Ramayan and South America was known in Ramayan era - by Dr. P V Vartak

I recently read a book "Vastav Ramayan" (Real Ramayan) written by Dr. P.V.Vartak.
He has done scientific research and calculated dates of the important events during Ramayan era. It is a very interesting and scientific book that everyone should read.

Here is a link for Astronomical Dating of the Ramayan :-

Astronomical dating of Ramayan events

Also, his research shows that South America was known at the Ramayan era. Indians migrated to South America which is called "Patal Lok" in sanskrit. There are some places in South America which denote the Indian culture, like Surya Mandir (Sun Temple), Elephants, Lord Ganesha and snakes carved on ancient monuments, etc.

In Ramyan, when King Sugriv directs his men in all directions in search of Sita, he instructs people going to east direction to check out for a TRIDENT engraved on a mountain. He describes the Trident as "A long Golden flagstick with three limbs stuck on top. It always glitters in when seen from sky". (This trident is on west coast of peru - Lima and is visible clearly from the sky)

In Valmiki Ramayan - Kishkindha Kaand - The sanskrit shlok is as below: (Kishkindha-39/47-48)

The entire Valkimi Ramayan can be found at :-

Complete Valkimi Ramayan in Sanskrit

The description given is so clear that Sugriv or Sage Valmiki must have seen this trident from sky proving they might have aeroplanes to travel.

Around 100 miles from this trident, there is a place called Nazca or Nasca, where gigantic geometric shapes are drawn on land (Spread in miles across). These are visible from sky only. Looks like big airport at that time.

Pls visit these links so that you can get a picture.
Trident at Lima-Peru
Nazca lines

According to Dr. P. V. Vartak, the trident is a sign of east ( as we have 180 degrees today to decide from where west starts ). This was created by Lord Vishnu around 15000 - 17000 years ago. And the lines on the Nazca are the signs of Ancient Airport of King Bali, around 15000 years ago.

If you get a chance, please read this book - Vastav Ramayan! It is awesome !

Also the book 'PataalYatra' by Anil Patil is good to read. It is a fiction inspired by South America and Pataal invention by Dr. P V Vartak.


  1. It is really a good step towards the reaserch work needed to explore the indian history in true sense.
    I hope the same will be continued further. I have no doubt that the ancient india/vedic kal is much more advance and have all the knowledge to read/see/go not only in past but also in future with all the modern time and time to come facilities and knowledge.
    We have to go a long way even to know 1% of that knowledge what our ancestors have at that time period.

  2. This is really true Rakesh that we have to do a lot of research regarding this. We really have a very little knowledge at present about the huge work that our ancestors had alredy done in the past.

  3. Please visit the below URL http://www.nazcamystery.com/paracas.htm
    - Pratik

  4. Hey Pratik,

    Thanks for providing this wonderful link ! It's awesome :-)

    Many thanks,

  5. amazing. I had a query though. This is not to test your knowledge or anything but just to clear my doubt. The vaanaras had the technology to fly/travel to distant lands. In that case, why was the jumping of hanuman from india to Lanka a big deal? It must have been peanuts for them, right ?

    1. As per the same book mentioned by the author, Vanaras were humans who used to wear monkey mask. They had machine resembling monkey tail. They could fly in the air with the help of this machine by fixing it at their back. Based on the height they could fly at, they were ranked in the army. And hanuman had the tail with which he could fly at higher altitude than anyone else.

      Now, Hanuman when went to SriLanka, he chose sea route i.e. by swimming because he didn't want to be spotted by the enemy surveillance. But while returning, he chose to fly because he wanted to quickly return.
      It is however not mentioned anywhere as how did Hanuman get into the SriLanka and reached to Sita without being spotted. But it is for sure, he never changed the shape of his body from atom to universe as stated in local superstitions.